Exotic reasoning & Racing.Gravity

Someone who sleeps in the clouds and dream on the pavement. I run into reality...crash into tragedy & treasure each and every second. Not one regret, but many lessons learned. Seek education to discover myself which I have exotic reasoning that no one can comprehend. Gravity is my worse enemy, but it can never hold me down >>>>>@Racing_Gravity

Strange fruit 😉



Exactly, like we all just live on the street and eat nothing but air so we have plenty of money to splurge on 15k tuition



whhhhhhhat?! 😨😳🙌

Odeeee wavy Nike track

The cuteness in this picture is just too much.
Mason and Milan movie time.




Africa is CONTINENT, not a country.
We do not SPEAK AFRICAN, there are over 3,000 unique languages with over 8,000 dialects.
We are not a MONOLITHIC group; not only does each country, tribe, region, Etc have a distinct culture to them, the way they dance and express rhythm and dress varies as well.
We have a history RICHER than the European continent, sadly the Europeans have white washed, raped, assimilated and destroyed a lot of it.
Africa is a RICH continent, but due to colonization most of our resources are being stolen and the European military and monarchy is making sure it stays that way.
Our people are beautiful; being black is a blessing never a curse. Our skin keeps is young and beautiful. It protects is from the sun and shields is from weatherly dangers.
Western European beauty standards are fallacies.
Africa is more than a continent, it’s a life.