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Someone who sleeps in the clouds and dream on the pavement. I run into reality...crash into tragedy & treasure each and every second. Not one regret, but many lessons learned. Seek education to discover myself which I have exotic reasoning that no one can comprehend. Gravity is my worse enemy, but it can never hold me down >>>>>@Racing_Gravity


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He captures me at my best.
I received the best going away love from work and loved ones!!! 😆😊😃😉 thanks everyone!
"Black media needs a restart button. BET is complete shit. WorldStarHipHop is probably the worst thing on the entire internet. Kanye West thinks he’s fighting for civil rights by designing shoes. Social media has fully embraced the “Niggas be like”, “Bitches be like”, hood fight videos, and ratchet women acting like their instagram is an XXL centerfold. Mainstream hip-hop has evolved from a vocal war against oppression into an elaborate scheme for perpetuating that same oppression. Tyler Perry is still making movies…WHY?! Can we please get a Ctrl+Alt+Delete? God damn."

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I havent cried in a while



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I havent cried in a while